SDU Information Solutions (2013)

Boyd de Groot

SDU Information Solutions’ product VIND

SDU IS part of SDU Uitgevers, the former governmental publishing agency. Its client base is still mainly governmental, consisting of almost all ministries, provinces and municipalities in the Netherlands.

VIND (‘find’ in Dutch) is an information and content management service for municipalities. Its goal is to support municipalities with their task to provide the public with the right information regarding municipal services and legislation.

SDU IS not only provides the IT-systems but also editorial support to make sure that the information based on legislation is clear and consistent across all municipalities.

My role

I worked as interim designer standing in for the permanent designer for the period of her maternity leave. In this role I have supported the development team with change requests and feature updates for the main VIND products: (Municipal) Products and Services; and Q-and-A content.

Other, shorter, activities were aimed at tailoring the VIND product ‘Hulpwijzer’ towards the brand requirements of a specific municipality. The Hulpwijzer is a Q-and-A mini-site where the public can find answers and support in the area of housing, income and social welfare relevant to a specific municipality .

My design activities entailed concepting, detailed design and specs, and guiding the development team.