Siemens VDO (2007)

Boyd de Groot

Siemens VDO’s TIS application for tachography management

In 2007 new entrants on the market required Siemens VDO to re-evaluate their TIS application: an advanced software package for the road transportation industry to manage digital tachograph data and to interface with digital tachograph devices in trucks.

The application was originally set up from a predominantly technical perspective and a new user centered design approach was required due to a growing market demand for easy-to-use and attractive GUI-based applications.

My role

Starting with the user’s core tasks, and using a UI prototype-driven design approach, my team and I designed a new GUI-layer that was able to address all functional requirements while improving the usability and look&feel of the existing TIS application to a large extent.
(The illustration above shows the new and old GUI-layer in comparison).

With the new release, for both PC and Web, Siemens VDO was able to maintain its leading position in the market of digital tachography management.